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Precision Parts Produced By Applying MIM Advantages

Using MIM technology can produce products that traditional processes can’t, so it’s a revolutionary technology. Its production solves the limitations in productivity, material range, process cost, product precision and so on.

Consumer Electronics

Because the advantage of MIM technology is to produce precision parts with small size and sufficient strength, it is widely used in the growing consumer electronics industry; Coupled with its huge production capacity, it can even produce millions of products per day, fully meeting the needs of the market. At present, basically all the tiny parts inside the mobile phone computer, such as the card holder, camera frame, buttons, and hinges, fans and other parts in the lap-top, are produced by MIM process.
Consumer electronicsConsumer electronics4Consumer electronics1

Antibacterial sterilization materials produced necessities: In daily life, there are many bacteria, which spread through common contact with public place, such as door handles, elevator buttons, etc. By add some sterilizing elements into the raw material of this kind of products, it can effectively kill such as E. coli, Helicobacter pylori and other threats to people's health bacteria. This kind of material are also widely manufactured into tableware, medical equipment and other products.
Antibacterial sterilization materials produced necessitiesAntibacterial sterilization materials produced necessities1Antibacterial sterilization materials produced necessities2

Product Advantage

Using these advantages of MIM, it is possible to expand the application range and improve the quality of the product, while reducing costs and improving efficiency.
1. Low cost and high efficiency of processing technology.
2. Extensive and flexible raw materials.
3. Possibility of improving product performance through post-processing.
4. Precision of size can be controlled.

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