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Ultra-Small And Complex Precision Parts

Common applications are: ignition control lock parts, turbocharger rotors, valve guide rail parts, automotive brake components, automotive sun shelter parts, clutch inner rings, scotch fork sleeves, distributor sleeves, automotive conduits, etc.

Precision Parts

Ultra-small and complex precision parts: Precision parts with ultra-small sizes have complex geometries and irregular shapes, it's very difficult to be clamped and doing the machining process. Because of the functional requirements, some have a high hardness and cannot be cut with a normal machine cutter. Due to its small size and small space, its total amount of sintering with a furnace can be very large, so that the processing cost of each product is very low. This type of part is ideal for molding with the MIM process.
Ultra-small and complex precision partsUltra-small and complex precision parts1Ultra-small and complex precision parts2


Special stainless steel material: SUS321 stainless steel where Ti exists as a stabilizing element, its high temperature performance is much better than the SUS316L. Its high-temperature stress break performance and high-temperature creep resistance (Creep Resistance) stress mechanical properties are superior to other stainless steels, suitable for high-temperature welding components. SUS321 stainless steel has good wear resistance in organic acids and inorganic acids at different concentrations and temperatures, especially in oxidizing media, for the manufacture of wear-resistant, acid-resistant parts and protective layers. However, due to the presence of Ti elements, it has a high hardness and very poor machining performance. This part has many precision sizes and threaded holes, if the use of machining costs will be quite high, so we use MIM to produce.
Special stainless steel materialSpecial stainless steel material1
Any kind of material with poor machining-process performance can be produced using MIM. Matel Injection Molding processing technology not only saves materials, reduces tool consumption, but also greatly reduces production costs.

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