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Many hardware products have a wide range of uses and performance requirements, so the demands for critical parts are vary. MIM technology can be produced with different materials and different additional processes to meet the performance requirements of different parts. Low-cost and rapid mass production, greatly improving productivity.


The jaws mounted on the cable connector clamps are clamped vigorously to makes cable connections, so there must be sufficient strength and toughness to achieve functionality and sufficient life. It is manufactured using the MIM technology of ferroalloy material and then heat treatment to improve its hardness.Hardware and tool parts with different hardness9N5006

Quick Change Cable Jaws

The quick-change cable jaws produced by MIM process not only have sufficient strength to ensure the pressure required during work, but their precision also makes the action of the quick-change jaws go smoothly to ensure that it will not be stuck and loosened; The MIM process for the production of complex shapes is also the most affordable and efficient method;
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The connector is mounted on the support frame of the window, it should have sufficient hardness to withstand the repeated impact and friction while the window is opening or closing.


Not only to have perfect dimensional accuracy, to ensure that the lock can be opened correctly, but also have enough toughness, so that the key can withstand repeated rotation of the torque.

Gas Valve Body & Core Pin

It should have enough hardness to ensure wear resistance, and have a perfect coordination accuracy to ensure that the gas does not leak; Use MIM to manufacture and followed by heat treatment to achieve the request.
Gas valve body & core pin


It is necessary to ensure the accurate accuracy of motion transmission, the accuracy of gear module and spiral motion groove, but also to have sufficient wear resistance and toughness, MIM production can ensure perfect performance in many ways.Gear1Gear2


Machining cutters, there should be more hard material. Because of its complex shape, machined is not easy to produce, MIM can be rapidly formed, and then heat treatment to improve hardness up to 60HRC, can achieve its function at low cost.

Power Tool Parts

More and more power tool knobs, connecting rods, buttons, etc. are produced by MIM technology; They can be designed as small as possible and are injected with plastic, providing both good strength and reduced cost. The use of MIM technology mass production, in terms of cost and efficiency, are to meet the requirements of such parts and products.
Power tool parts

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