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The Precision Parts Of Industries Lock Product

Lock parts are a relatively large class of hardware products, it is not a simple tool, accessories, usually several parts fitting with each other, maintain a certain movement with the clearance. At the same time, the parts also have certain strength, wear resistance, torsion resistance, corrosion resistance and other performance requirements. Products that fixed together with each other are usually produced with the same materials and processes, and molding with molds can well control their dimensional tolerances and precision to achieve a perfect fit; The wide applicability of MIM materials makes it the best technology to be selected for manufacture lock parts.


It's the main body or housing of the lock, its overall dimension match with the mounting hole accurately, the interior size precisely match with the lock insert components, to ensure smooth rotation and movement. The products produced by MIM can have satisfactory functional effect in appearance, strength, precision, etc.
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It is the internal transmission and motion-driven parts, it‘s requested of beautiful appearance. Not only to have a better dimensional precision fitting properly with other parts, but also have a better strength and torque requirements.
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It is the main functional part of the closed and pressed door panel to ensure closing properly, need to have sufficient rigidity, some also have the requirements of precision transmission.
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The dish part, as the main body of a long swing handle lock, needs to have accurate installation positioning in order to accurately assemble with the door panel and realize its positioning function; Accurate dimensions are unattainable by ordinary casting, and machining increases its cost. MIM technology enables both to be fully realized.
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The handle, accurately fitted with the assembly in the Dish, as the main exposed part of the lock, must have a good appearance, also have a comfortable feel, and have enough strength to maintain the twist will not be damaged.
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Push Button

This small part, with strange shape and precise size, as well as low cost limitations, it is difficult to use other processes to produce. MIM can be simply molded in one go, without the need for additional processing steps, to meet the requirements of the application. It's the most ideal production technology for this kind of parts.
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Product Description

Because the industrial lock inside has a variety of directions of motion, rotation and pull, torque requirements, the force demands of the parts is more complicated. The requirements of the parts physical performance are relatively high. If this kind of product is made of Zinc-Aluminum alloy which has low melting point and strength, it can't meet the requirements; Parts made with MIM are often used in this category of hardware products and components.

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