• MIM’s advantage compares with PM and IC

    MIM’s advantage compares with PM and IC

    What are the advantages of MIM compared with traditional PM and investment casting process? The traditional Powder Metallurgical PM compresses the powder directly into a powder embryo, which has no tight bonding and is easy to produce internal micro cracks in the production process; Secondly, the...
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  • We shake hands with world-renowned brands

    We shake hands with world-renowned brands

    In 2021, we successful qualification and participated in the development of the famous brands of China, Huawei's revolutionary smart screen computer product, HUAWEI MateView, we use the MIM process to provide the development and production of precision metal parts for th...
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  • Ubiquitous application & omnipotent technology

    Ubiquitous application & omnipotent technology

    MIM powder injection molding technology has been widely used in various industries due to its material diversity and advanced technology. In addition to the commonly used SUS304/316 series, the MIM stainless steel materials could be available of heat-treatment to improve the hardness, it likes 1...
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  • “Green environmental protection, Intelligent-manufacturing”

    “Green environmental protection, Intelligent-manufacturing”

    MIM - an advocating "Green environmental protection, Intelligent-manufacturing" technology In 2019, ISDN Precision was established and began production in the Huzhou City of Zhejiang Province, becoming the first manufacture company which adopt MIM technology as the main...
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  • MIM Technical advance

    MIM Technical advance

    What are the advantages of MIM technical? – What kind of metal parts are suitable for MIM production? With the continuous development of new products, the production technology requirements are constantly improving; MIM technology is a new manufacturing technology in response to this demand...
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