MIM’s advantage compares with PM and IC

What are the advantages of MIM compared with traditional PM and investment casting process?

The traditional Powder Metallurgical PM compresses the powder directly into a powder embryo, which has no tight bonding and is easy to produce internal micro cracks in the production process; Secondly, the raw material powder used in powder metallurgy PM is larger in diameter, at about 0.04mm, the final production of the part density is only 80%, so there are more gaps in the parts. Spongy tissue, resulting in liquid is easy to stay inside, causing rust, so the anti-corrosion performance is very poor; In order to improve the anti-corrosion ability, sometimes the method of sealing hole galvanizing, improve the cost of parts, the effect is not ideal; In terms of product shape, powder metallurgy PM can only do simple column parts; MIM can produce complex three-dimensional shapes and ultra-thin parts.

The precision casting, although can overcome the defects of part cracks and density, in the shape of parts have a great design of freedom advantage, but there are still many shortcomings.

1. For the melting point temperature is too high for hard-to-melt metals such as carbide, it is also difficult to produce.

2. Difficulty in producing very small and thin parts.

3. The production process is cumbersome, resulting in a long production cycle, low production efficiency, unable to meet the urgent needs of customers.

4. Size precision and appearance of poor quality, the need to increase the back channel machining correction, resulting in increased costs and serious pollution.

On the contrary, for MIM process, the disadvantages of these two processes can be overcome:

1. As long as the powder is made, any high melting point of the metal can easily produce parts.

2. For small workpieces, there are special advantages. MIM can do it now. 0.1MM thickness parts.

3. Due to mold production, multi-modal hole design, making high production efficiency, short production cycle.

4. The density and dimensional accuracy of MIM parts are relatively high.

Post time: Nov-19-2021

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