Ubiquitous application & omnipotent technology

Ubiquitous application & omnipotent technology1

MIM powder injection molding technology has been widely used in various industries due to its material diversity and advanced technology. In addition to the commonly used SUS304/316 series, the MIM stainless steel materials could be available of heat-treatment to improve the hardness, it likes 17-4PH, as well as 440B/C which hardness ≥ 58HRC after heat-treatment and other materials; The ferroalloys Fe2Ni/Fe8Ni, etc., which can be heat treated, are often selected by customers as materials of MIM processed; As a cutting tool carbide, as well as titanium alloy suitable for the special needs of the medical/ military industry and other industries, can also be produced through MIM processing, it overcomes the difficulties of ordinary machining, so as to save the processing costs. The Fe-Si series of magnetic materials, as well as tool steel materials with high alloys, can also be produced using MIM. The performance of these metal materials after MIM processing is exactly the same as the physical properties of ordinary materials.

The following are its product application examples in various industries:
Aviation: aircraft wing hinges, rocket nozzles, missile tail fins, ceramic worm wheel blade cores.
Automotive industry: ignition control lock parts, turbocharger rotor, valve guide parts, brake parts, suntan parts.
Electronic industry: disk drive components, cable connectors, electronic tube housing, computer printing head, micro motor, electronic packaging parts.
Military industry: mine rotor, gun trigger, armor-piercing bullet head, centering seat, cluster arrow bullets.
Medical treatment: orthodontic bracket, internal suture needle, sampling forceps, scalpel, radiation shield, scissors.
Daily necessities: watch case, watch strap, watch buckle, golf ball head, sports shoes buckle, sports firearms, document binding punch, fishing equipment.
Mechanical industry: special-shaped milling cutter, cutting tools, micro gear, office machinery, gun drill, etc.
MIM materials, including alloy steel, tool steel, hard alloy, magnetic materials, etc., can be heat treated and surface treated to change its physical properties and corrosion resistance; Any metal parts, can try to use MIM to produce, welcome you to give us technical advice.

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