We shake hands with world-renowned brands

In 2021, we successful qualification and participated in the development of the famous brands of China, Huawei's revolutionary smart screen computer product, HUAWEI MateView, we use the MIM process to provide the development and production of precision metal parts for this product, and eventually became a parts supplier to the product; In June 2021, Huawei launched the product, which was well received and praised by users. They has achieved excellent sales performance. In terms of application functions, the new technologies they use have been well received by consumers. By touching the sensing area, we can wirelessly connect the phone with the smart display, share and transmit the files and information inside the phone and smart screen computer, and at the same time, you can modify and edit the files on the phone by manipulating the computer system, and turn on the cell phone's Desire Mode. Huawei's display computer, in addition to having a strong application performance, another thing that makes customers want to buy is that it also has an excellent design for simplicity, ease and flexibility. Just lift or adjust easily through one finger, its screen can be easily adjusted to an ideal position and angle, giving the user the best view; These advantages come from the spindle of its neck. In addition to having the function of fixing the clamping screen, we use the MIM process to produce this hinge, but also to ensure the free rotation and fixation of the shaft, the function of the original several parts concentrated on a complex part; This critical component makes it easy to adjust as you like, something no product has ever had before. This feature is a big selling point for this product.

This is the first project development and manufacturing of international famous brand products that we have successfully participated in.

We shake hands with world-renowned brands
We shake hands with world-renowned brands1

Post time: Nov-09-2021

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