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  • Precision parts produced by applying MIM advantages

    Precision parts produced by applying MIM advantages

    Due to its wide range of materials and flexible molding process, MIM technology has opened up the product range limitations of a single technology, which can involve different fields, various properties, and various requirements of the product; In addition, the quality, appearance, precision, performance, etc. of the product have the comprehensive advantages that other processes cannot do; More and more products, can be considered using MIM technology to manufacture; This is why MIM technology is known as “the most promising component forming technology in the 21st century.

  • Ceramic Parts

    Ceramic Parts

    In addition to the production of stainless steel, iron-based materials, non-ferrous metal materials, MIM technology, also able to produce ceramic products; MIM ceramic parts, with superior wear resistance, corrosion resistance, low conductivity and thermal deformation coefficient, while having high stability, are widely produced and used in electronics, optics, automobiles, communications, mechanical equipment and other fields;

  • Precise and reliable transmission part

    Precise and reliable transmission part

    The KOVAR alloy, which has a coefficient of thermal expansion close to glass and good thermal conductivity, is commonly used in metal seals, lids, lead frames and electronic package bases of high-integrity glass and ceramics. It is widely used in automobiles, diesel locomotives, aircraft, oil drilling machinery, chemical fiber textile machinery, watches, medical equipment, military, semiconductor electronic packaging, optical communications and other fields;

  • Automotive Parts

    Automotive Parts

    Copper has excellent electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and ductility, and also has a wide range of industrial applications; With MIM technology, it can produce copper parts with complex structures, which are used in power supply, electronic products, heat dissipation products, optical communication products, gear turbines and other mechanical transmission parts.

  • Ultra-small and complex precision parts

    Ultra-small and complex precision parts

    Precision parts with ultra-small sizes have complex geometries and irregular shapes, it’s very difficult to be clamped and doing the machining process. Because of the functional requirements, some have a high hardness and cannot be cut with a normal machine cutter.

  • Precision parts produced by applying MIM advantages

    Precision parts produced by applying MIM advantages

    Using MIM technology can produce products that traditional processes can’t, so it’s a revolutionary technology. Its production solves the limitations in productivity, material range, process cost, product precision and so on.

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